August 4, 2003

The regular town board meeting of the Town of Kingston was held at the town hall this evening. Supervisor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:31 PM with the following present: Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Smith, Councilman Kern, and Councilman Quiepo. Councilman Gaddy came in late during the Supervisor's report. 

Motion to approve the minutes of the July Town Board meeting and the July Workshop meeting was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Quiepo. There were four aye votes.

Supervisor Weiss read the supervisor's report. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy read the town clerk's report for July. 

Supervisor Weiss made the motion and Councilman Gaddy seconded the motion to make the following transfers: A1990.4 Contingency to A5010.4 Highway Superintendent C/E $149.60, A1990.4 Contingency to A8510.4 Community Beautification $275.00, A1990.4 Contingency to A9050.8 Employment Taxes $29.47, and A1990.4 Contingency to A7510.4 Historian C/E $6.00. There were five aye votes. 

Councilman Smith made the motion and Councilman Gaddy seconded the motion to pay General Bills #257 through #293 for $15,054.89 and Highway Bills #249 through #256 for $1,376.62. There were five aye votes. 

Supervisor Weiss thanked Councilman Kern for running the last two meetings and the Town Board while he was absent and he also explained why he was absent. 


Councilman Kern deferred to Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte. Wayne Platte, Superintendent of Highways reported on the cleanup from the last storm. There was a lot of damage in the Sweet Meadows area of the Town. He also reported that the new weed whacker is here and in use already. 

Supervisor Weiss thanked Wayne and his crew for a job well done on the recent storm and loss of power. 

Councilman Gaddy reported on: Zip Code - He had a meeting with the post office and the City of Kingston. Sadly he reported the post office would not be able to give us our own zip code. He stated that the post office suggested that the Town of Kingston furnish anyone who is having problems insurance, etc. stating where they live and our population. 

Councilman Smith _ No report. 

Councilman Quiepo read the monthly report from the Code Enforcement Officer. Councilman Quiepo told the Building Inspector that he would have to use the 35 mm camera until the Assessor is finished with the Digital camera. That was ok with Karl. 

Councilman Quiepo reported that John Konior does not send anything official to the County. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the recreation program was finished and the last day he had James Kilfoyle with his police dog and another Town of Ulster Police Officer here to do a program.

Supervisor Weiss stated that we would have the Family Day Picnic at the Sawkill Family Ski Center on Thursday August 21st from 4 PM to 7 PM with the rain date August 22nd. 

It will be the same price as last year. We would have to pay for the go-carts and the golf and water slide is free. The Kiwanis Club will be doing the cooking. 

Supervisor Weiss reported on the Tattoo Festival which will be held September 5-7. 

Supervisor Weiss contacted Wes Cross regarding the salt shed. Mr. Cross stated that the DEC stated that we can not fix or rebuild the salt shed in its present location. 


Councilman Kern questioned the problems with the playground. Councilman Kern moved that the Town Board authorize the posting of signs, at several locations, announcing the town playground is closed and that any removable equipment be taken down. All stationary equipment be marked with "DO NOT CROSS" tape. Councilman Smith seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Councilman Kern and Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte inspected the playground on July 25th and found the following problems: 

1: Ramp on play gym has a broken board. 
2: Plate on top of ramp ends turned up. 
3: Broken end on slide platform. 
4: Split board at bridge. 
5: Split board on lower platform. 
6: Baby swing split and busted arm end. 
7: Large swing metal end bentup Ubolt needs replacement. 
8: Large swing seat split metal tab sticking up. 
9: Large swing metal tab up rusted chain. 
10: Tree over swing set leaning roots up. 
11: Pine Tree dead branches over play area. 
12: Dead branches tree next to swings at back of basketball court. 
13: Dead branches over pavilion. 
14: Fence open in back of pavilion (3rd year). 
15: Wire hanging off building. 
16: Broken door knob on building (office) sharp edges. 
17: Open holes in building (from insulation). 
18: Extension cord on cellar roof. 
19: Cellar roof broken. 
20: Bleachers split and splintering. 

There were four aye and one nye vote for closing the playground. 

Councilman Kern questioned what we intended to do with the recycling shed. Discussion followed. It was decided to watch and see what happens with it. 

Councilman Kern questioned what was being done with the new zoning laws. Supervisor Weiss stated that Peter Graham has the old, new and a list of the changes so that he can do what has to be done so that they can become the new zoning laws. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy reported that the State raised the marriage license fees. We will be charging $40.00 for the marriage license now. 

Supervisor Weiss reported on the RRA and if we wanted to try using 90# totes. Councilman Kern made the motion and Councilman Smith seconded the motion for Supervisor Weiss to explore with the RRA on using some 90# totes throughout the town. There were five aye votes.


Supervisor Weiss reported that the workers at the town hall requested that the Town Hall have a thorough professional cleaning because it is quite dusty, etc. Councilman Kern will get two estimates on the cleaning. 

The workers in the town hall also requested that the outside of the building be cleaned, holes plugged. Councilman Gaddy suggested that the window frames be painted. Discussion followed. It was decided that we would do nothing with the outside.


Supervisor Weiss asked what was going on with the water survey. Councilman Quiepo said that there was no interest and that we should close the matter. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that is budget time again. Please let him know what nights we should have budget meetings. 

Councilman Kern questioned when Peter Graham's contract was up for renewal. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that the contracts for the town attorney, dog control officer and the RRA need to be negotiated. Supervisor Weiss asked Councilman Kern to work on the contracts. 

Laura questioned who's responsibility it was for supplying information when someone has to send out letters to residents when the people is going for a subdivision, etc. Discussion followed. It was decided that Laura is to supply the maps, etc. for the people to look up the information that they need. 



Motion to adjourn at 8:45 PM by Councilman Gaddy and seconded by Councilman Queipo. All were in favor. 

The next workshop meeting will be August 21st after the picnic between 7:30 and 8 PM. 

The next town board meeting will be on Thursday, September 4th due to Labor Day. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Laura L. Joy 
Town Clerk

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