August 21, 2003 

The workshop meeting of the Town of Kingston was called to order by Supervisor Weiss at 7:50 PM with the following present: Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Smith, Councilman Kern, Councilman Gaddy, and Councilman Queipo. 

Supervisor Weiss thanked the board and everyone present for having the meeting a little bit late due to the Family Day at the water slide. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy introduced Roni Jandura who she would like to have as her deputy town clerk/tax collector. Supervisor Weiss made the motion to appoint Roni Jandura as a deputy town clerk/tax collector until January 1, 2004 and Councilman Kern seconded the motion. There were five aye votes. Laura also stated that the shelving was installed in her part of the storage area. Laura stated that she will be going to a workshop on August 28th on Inactive Record Management at UCCC. 

Councilman Kern reported that Wayne Platte asked permission to pave the rest of Hill Road instead of part of Sweet Meadows. Councilman Kern made the motion to change the paving schedule from part of Sweet Meadows to the rest of Hill Road. Councilman Smith seconded the motion. There were five aye votes. 

Councilman Kern reported that there was a problem on Hallihan Hill Road and Murray Road. Someone was delivering a modular home in two sections and that they had the road blocked because they were having problems making the turns. Councilman Kern went to Laura's house to call the State Police for assistance. He was concerned because the roads were blocked and the people had no way of getting to their homes. If there was an emergency there was no way that a fire truck or ambulance to get to any homes past Murray Road. Supervisor Weiss asked Councilman Kern to check with Wayne Platte to see what other towns do regarding this problem. 

Councilman Kern questioned what was to be done with the contracts. Discussion followed. Councilman Kern would like the town receive reports from the dog control officer. Discussion followed regarding the town attorney contract. Discussed the rates for their services _ if it should be a flat rate or an hourly rate or a combined rate. Discussion followed. 

Councilman Smith reported that roadrunner was installed on Wayne's computer. Councilman Smith reported that he has the phone number for the Archdiocese in New York so that we could possibly call them regarding their land off Ruby Road/Hallihan Hill for a possible site for a new salt shed. 

Supervisor Weiss will contact Wes Cross to see who he should contact in DEC to see why our permit was declined to repair the salt shed. 

Councilman Gaddy reported that Fire Chief Bill Hughes requested that the town try to do something with the speeders on Sawkill Road. There were two car accidents on the Sawkill Road within two days of each other. We will ask the Sheriff's department to check on the speeders. 

Councilman Gaddy stated that he will check with the Onteora School District regarding their playground that they recently installed. Discussion followed regarding the playground. Councilman Gaddy will check on getting some kind of grant to fix the playground. 

Councilman Queipo reported that he had the planning board minutes. He also reported that Karl has 200 hours left in his budget. Councilman Queipo submitted a Memorandum he received from Karl Schuerzinger regarding permits. Discussion followed. There was concern with the upcoming Tattoo Festival at the Harley Davidson establishment on Route 28. Council Queipo will contact Karl regarding his concerns. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he met with Peter Graham, our town attorney regarding the Heyer Assessment law suit. He gave Peter a copy of the letter that the ZBA sent to Heyer. They have grieved their assessment before. They did not submit all the information that they should have to the zoning board of appeals. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that he would have the paper work on the zoning at our next town board meeting. 

Supervisor Weiss asked Peter what we could do recording the assessor. We can not replace him because they are appointed for a set term and approved by the State. Discussion followed. Supervisor Weiss will send the assessor a letter regarding the concerns the town has and he will have Peter and the town board approve the letter before it is sent. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he received an estimated bill from the New York Retirement System and that we are short approximately $3,000 due to retroactive adjustments the Retirement System has made. We will receive the actual bill sometime in November. 

Supervisor Weiss requested Laura to distribute the forms for the budget to all the departments as soon as possible. The forms will be returned to Supervisor Weiss and then he will make his recommendations and submit the budget to the town board. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the workmen's compensation has gone up approximately $600 or more. Discussion followed. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he has prices from three vendors and he is waiting to receive prices from Williams Lumber on fixing the playground. Supervisor Weiss reported that Wayne stated that the highway crew would not be able to take the pine tree done because it is too dangerous because of the wires go through it. The highway crew will trim it and take the oak tree and roots down. It was suggested that we check with the Brotherhood in Rifton to see what there suggestions would be since they make playground toys etc. The question arose if we would open the playground when the swings were fixed. Discussion followed. We will wait until we get the prices from Williams Lumber.

A question arose regarding garbage and junk put out to the curb ahead of time for pick up. Some wondered if we could set a time limit for putting stuff out to the curb. Discussion followed. 

Supervisor Weiss will check with Chuck from RRA regarding the 90# totters. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the area by the Monument is washing away. We will check on moving or fixing the problem. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that the Town of Woodstock made a deal with the Woodstock Tattoo Festival and that the festival would be held. There will be no parking on Rt. 28 and that the police agencies involved will be out on Rt. 28. If anyone would like passes to go to the festival, you should write to the promoters for them. Supervisor Weiss will check with the Sheriff's Department for additional patrols of our roads during the festival since the new bridge is open on the Sawkill Road. 

Ivan Rion questioned the salt shed. He stated that the Town of Woodstock is building a new one near the creek. Discussion followed. The town received a verbal refusal. We will be checking into getting the refusal in writing from DEC and checking into somehow fixing the existing salt shed for now. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he will be out of town on Sunday and Monday this week. 

Motion to adjourn at 9:10 PM was made by Councilman Queipo and seconded by Councilman Smith. All present were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Laura L. Joy 
Town Clerk

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