December 1, 2003 

The regular town board meeting was held at the Town Hall on December 1, 2003 with the following present: Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Smith, Councilman Gaddy, Councilman Kern, and Highway Superintendent Platte. Councilman Queipo was absent due to his work schedule. Supervisor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM. 

Supervisor Weiss lead us in the pledge to the flag and we had a moment of silence for all the victims of terrorists and in memory of Brian Steeves who was killed in a automobile accident. There were a total of seven residents present at the meeting. 

Councilman Smith made the motion and Councilman Gaddy seconded the motion to approve the minutes for November Town Board and November Workshop meetings as written. All were in favor. 

Supervisor Weiss read the supervisor's report. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy read the town clerk monthly report. 

Councilman Kern questioned how the trailer park permit fee was figured. Discussion followed. The town board will be checking on how the fee is figured. 

Supervisor Weiss made the motion and Councilman Gaddy seconded the motion to transfer the following: A1990.4 Contingency into A1110.11 Court Clerk Sal. $3,518.40 to cover expenses, A1990.4 Contingency into A1620.4 Town Hall C/E $1,253.03 to cover expenses, A1990.4 Contingency into A3510.4 Dog Control Officer C/E $171.00, and A1990.4 Contingency into A9010.8 NYS Retirement $3,297.00. All were in favor. 

Motion to pay the General Bills #448 through #478 for a total of $13,651.69 and Highway Bills #479 through #486 for a total of $5,348.66 was made by Supervisor Weiss and seconded by Councilman Gaddy. General Bills #437 through #447 were approved for payment at the November Workshop meeting for $2,155.53. All were in favor. 


Supervisor Weiss reported that Town of Woodstock Supervisor Wilbur called him that the Sawkill Water Shed was having a meeting on December 2nd at 4 PM. Supervisor Weiss will be attending the meeting. 


Councilman Gaddy read the Building Inspectors monthly report for November. 

Councilman Kern deferred to Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte. Wayne reported that his department was ready for the snow season. They have sand and salt. He reported that some trees had come down during the recent wind storms and that his department was cleaning them up. Wayne thanked the town board for their cooperation for the past four years. Councilman Kern stated that the board would miss him and thanked him for job well done. 

Councilman Kern reported on the book of fees that Karl Schuerzinger gave to the town board for a review. Councilman Kern stated that he needed more time to review the book and that the fees should be corrected. The book has some valuable information to help us with. 

Councilman Gaddy gave the town board members and anyone else interested in specs for a steel building. Councilman Gaddy reported that Miles Schillinger called him tonight and stated that he was very busy with the hunting season and he would get back to him with a name to contact in DEC regarding the salt shed and that he would meet with him. He apologized for not getting back to us. Councilman Gaddy questioned the towns on Murray Road. There is only one tower lit. Discussion followed. The town board will contact Peter Graham and Councilman Gaddy will talk to Karl regarding the matter. 

Councilman Smith had no report. 

Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte asked Councilman Smith if the Town of Ulster had anything on their books regarding damage done by logging, delivery of mobile homes, etc. Councilman Smith reported that Jason from the Town of Ulster stated that the only thing that they had was in the building permits and planning board minutes. Wayne stated that he would contact some of the other towns to see if they anything. There was damage done on the Ruby Road when a mobile home was delivered. The highway department will be fixing the guard rails this week. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the tree lighting will be this Friday at 7 PM. 


Supervisor Weiss thanked the town board for their help with the budget. The final result was 7.76% increase. 

Supervisor Weiss thanked Wayne Platte, Larry Queipo and Barbara Alberstadt for the excellent jobs that they did. Supervisor Weiss welcomed aboard their replacements. They are Charles Galvin, Frank Brodgen, and Susie Kesick respectfully. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that Art Daley will be receiving the assessment cards next week. 




Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte stated that the new computer is not working properly. Councilman Smith will fix the problems. 

Joseph Sloyan and Ivan Rion stated that there are some abandoned trailers and houses on Morey Hill that are a fire trap, etc. Councilman Gaddy will contact Karl Schuerzinger regarding the problems. 

Motion to adjourn at 8:20 PM was made by Councilman Gaddy and seconded by Councilman Smith. All were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Laura L. Joy 
Town Clerk 

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