January 16, 2003 

The regular workshop meeting of the Town of Kingston was called to order by Supervisor Dennis Weiss at 7:33 PM. Present at the start of the meeting were: Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Queipo, Councilman Smith, Councilman Kern, Town Highway Superintendent Platte, and Town Justice Alberstadt. Councilman Gaddy came in at 8:00 PM. There were two town residents also present. 

Councilman Queipo reported that the DEC does not have any concerns in the logging operation unless the land is considered as protected wet lands and/or a protected stream on the property. 

Councilman Queipo contacted Karl Schuerzinger requesting a letter of the needs to bring his office up to code. In Karl's letter there were the following items: natural light, ventilation, interior finish, heat, and insulation. Councilman Queipo would like to see Karl's office fixed. Councilman Smith will look into the cost of fixing Karl's office. 

Councilman Queipo will check with Karl Schuerzinger regarding John Walker's Mini-mall or Quonset hut. 

Councilman Queipo reported that he requested that the Court Security Office, Ray Galvin be allowed to qualify with the Sheriff's Department to carry a firearm. 

Councilman Smith reported that a shelf was installed for Laura L. Joy computer printers and her keyboard holders should be delivered next week. 

Councilman Smith will look into fixing the outside door because the door is letting too much cold air into the building. 

Councilman Smith stated that the web site address is: 

Councilman Kern deferred Highway to Wayne Platte, Highway Superintendent. Wayne reported that all has been quiet since the last snow storm. The County Highway has replenished our sand and salt supply. 

Councilman Kern reported on the meeting that he and Wayne went to regarding the Storm Water Regulations. Councilman Kern reported that our Town has a small area (Basin Road) designated as being in the Phase II Storm Water Regulations. We have to fill out forms regarding what we will be doing with the storm water. The forms have to be completed by March 10th. There will be a teleconference at DCCC on February 13th and another one at SUNY New Paltz the end of February or beginning of March. 

Councilman Kern made a motion and Councilman Quiepo seconded the motion to amend Resolution to Adopt the 2003 Permit Fees for the Town of Kingston as follows: under the Commercial and Multiple Dwelling: Each Additional $1,000.00 or part thereof (up to $200,000.00) $15.00 and Each Additional $1,000.00 above $200,000.00 $12.00. There were 5 aye votes. 

Supervisor Weiss reported on the Home Relief problem. Social Services deleted one recipient from our town because the person does not leave in our town and we are appealing another one.

Supervisor Weiss stated that the town felt that the bill for the code corrections from the Chasin Group should have been included in the original bill. They agreed to charge us only for the coping and mailing charges. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that John Miller was appointed as the new DWI Coordinator for the County. There were no changes with the contract to the County DWI. Supervisor Weiss made the motion and Councilman Queipo seconded the motion for the Stop DWI Contract with the County. Supervisor Weiss stated that we do not have the radar gun any longer. As far as we know the Sheriff's Department has it. Councilman Queipo will check with the Sheriff's Department regarding the radar gun. 

Councilman Queipo will contact the Sheriff's Department regarding the removal of the call box. 

Supervisor Weiss asked for permission to sell our surplus equipment. Supervisor Weiss made the motion and Councilman Smith seconded the motion to sell the old copier for at least $200.00. There were 5 aye votes. A legal notice will be published in the newspaper. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that he made five reservations for the bus in Rosendale to go to the city if any of us are interested going with them. He asked us to let him know if we would be interested. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that he gave each of us a copy of a sample resolution on reassessment. He reported that Art Daley, Town Assessor would be at the February town board meeting. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he did not make any contacts with Real Property. They keep missing each other. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he did not here from Wes Cross regarding the salt shed. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that he received a letter from Mobile Life requesting that we have a contract with them to be the primary ambulance to be called. The Fire Chief would like to see it stay on the rotating basis. The President of the Fire Company would like to see Mobile Life be the primary ambulance called. Discussion followed. It was decided to leave it on the rotating basis for now and see how it is working because there are several new ambulance companies covering the Kingston area. 

Councilman Gaddy had nothing to report. 

Supervisor Weiss made the motion to appoint that following committee assignments that were left off the original list: Town Clerk and Town Justice _ Councilman Kern, Personnel _ Councilman Gaddy, and Sergeant-at-Arms _ Councilman Kern. Councilman Kern seconded the motion. There were 5 aye votes. 

Town Justice Richard Alberstadt stated that we need a new air conditioner. Councilman Smith will look into getting a new one. 

Superintendent of Highways Wayne Platte stated that Wes Cross told us that Art Cross would be willing to help us get some grants for the salt shed. 

Supervisor Weiss will check into getting a grant writer to help us receive some grants. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy reported that she gave Sue Trnka a list of dogs that were unlicensed. Sue processed that list and Town Justice Richard Alberstadt sent out summons to all involved to come to court on Tuesday, January 21st. 

The books for the town were reviewed at this time from the bookkeeper, town justice and town clerk. 

Motion was made by Supervisor Weiss to review and accept the following books for 2002: Supervisor's _ general journal, revenue account, and cash receipts journal. Town Justice _ monthly report, cash book, bank deposits, and reconciliation book.

Town Clerk _ cash book, tax collector check book, and town clerk check book. Councilman Smith seconded the motion. Councilman Kern rejected the way that the books were reviewed. There were 5 aye votes. 

Joe Zehnick reported that he had a problem with cablevision moving their wires. He requested that Central Hudson, Telephone Company and Cable Company move their wires since his sister was moving up there. He had no problem with the Telephone Company or Central Hudson. The Cable Company stated that they would not move the wires until the Town talked to the Cable Company. 

Ivan Rion stated that the Freeman doesn't list all the meetings. He also hoped that we would not just talk and talk about the salt shed and get something accomplished. Discussion followed. Councilman Gaddy stated that we are working on getting some grant money to fix the salt shed. Councilman Smith stated that he would contact Wes Cross regarding the salt shed. 

Motion to adjourn at 8:55 PM was made by Supervisor Weiss and seconded by Councilman Queipo. All were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Laura L. Joy 
Town Clerk 

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