July 24, 2003 

The regular workshop meeting of the Town of Kingston was held at the Town Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:37 PM by Supervisor Weiss. Present at the meeting were Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Smith, Councilman Kern, and Councilman Queipo. 

Councilman Gaddy was absent. 

Supervisor Weiss gave out the balances of the budget as of June 30th. 

Audit of town books followed. Councilman Kern praised Debbie for a job well done. Town Justice Richard Alberstadt stated that Susie was doing a super job for him. The Town Board stated that Laura's books looked good. Motion by Supervisor Weiss and seconded by Councilman Queipo was made to approve the audit. There were four aye votes. 

Highway Superintendent, Wayne Platte reported on the highway. The last storm did a lot of damage in the Sweet Meadows area. The highway crew are helping town residents with picking up debris. Supervisor Weiss thanked Alfie for helping to remove a tree that came down on a car in Sweet Meadows. The highway crew will pick up the brush as it is put by the curb in Sweet Meadows. 

Wayne reported that some of the spring cleanup was not picked up as of today. Discussion followed regarding the spring cleanup and the problems with the recycling not being picked up.

Wayne reported that the paving was done on Wintergreen and Meyers Roads with the help of the Town of Ulster. It took two days and 400 tons of blacktop. The highway department will be paving part of Sweet Meadows next. Discussion followed with the problem of basketball courts, etc. in road. Wayne will go to the individuals involved before they start paving. 

Salt Shed _ Councilman Smith asked Wayne and Dennis to check to see about the use of the land offered on Hill Road. Supervisor Weiss asked Wayne to check into the feasibility of the land. It was reported that Wes Cross said DEC doesn't have to get involved but Dennis will check with our lawyer on Wednesday. 

Zip Code Change _ Councilman Kern read a quote from the postal authority. Supervisor Weiss reported for Councilman Gaddy that on Wednesday, July 30th, the Town of Kingston, City of Kingston, and the Postal Service will be meeting in Newburgh regarding the zip code problem. 

Wayne requested that the town buy a new heavy duty weed whacker. Motion was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Queipo to purchase a new weed whacker spending up to $300.00. There were four aye votes. 

Councilman Queipo reported that Karl Schuerzinger is need to use the digital camera to do case. Discussion followed. It was decided that Karl should use the 35 mm camera and that the town will reimburse him for expenses. 

Councilman Queipo reported that the joint meeting with the Planning Board, ZBA, and Building Inspector is on hold until they receive the final copy of the Zoning. 

Councilman Smith reported that the cable to Wayne's computer is not working. It will be fixed shortly. He also reported that the supplies to connect Karl's computer is in. 

Councilman Smith reported that the e-mail addresses are set up for the departments that wanted one.

Supervisor Weiss made a motion and Councilman Queipo seconded the motion to charge the new fees from State. The motion was withdrew. Councilman Queipo asked Laura L. Joy to correct the fees and submit them to the Town Board at the next meeting. 

Laura stated that she is still having problems with the State with the dogs. The State has over sixty dogs that are not for our town. She also reported that she will be interviewing a person to be her deputy in August. 

Supervisor Weiss reported on Woodstock Tattoo and Body Arts Festival. 

Motion to approve the following transfers was made by Supervisor Weiss and seconded by Councilman Smith. (Transfer from A1990.4 Contingency to A5010.4 Highway Supt. C.E $149.60, transfer from A1990.4 Contingency to A8510.4 Community Beautification $275.00, transfer from A1990.4 Contingency to A9050.8 Employment Taxes $29.47 and transfer from D5148.4 Other Services to DS9050.8 Employment Taxes $22.32.) There were four aye votes. 

Motion to pay phone and cable bills was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Queipo. There were four aye votes. 

Supervisor Weiss made the motion to untable the motion for the Family Day. Councilman Smith seconded the motion. All were in favor. Discussion followed. Supervisor Weiss requested that the Family Day last year cost around $800. Supervisor Weiss stated that we could cancel the ice cream social and trophy's for the softball due to the poor turnout in previous years. Motion was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Queipo to contact the Family Ski Center to set up a date and price for the event. Supervisor Weiss is allowed to spend up to $1,000.00. There were four aye votes.

Supervisor Weiss stated that the data collectors have finished 180 parcels as of July 15th. The collectors are charging $20.00 per parcel. 

Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte asked if we were reimbursed for the snow storms yet. 

Supervisor Weiss reported from the supervisors meeting that a question came up regarding the highway superintendent's salary. Several towns including our town will be having new highway superintendents this coming year. Discussion followed. Wayne Platte, Highway Superintendent felt that the salary should not be changed for our town. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that the old copier will be moved to storage. 

Motion to adjourn at 9:45 PM was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Queipo. All were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Laura L. Joy 
Town Clerk 

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