June 2, 2003 

The regular town board meeting of the Town of Kingston was called to order by Deputy Supervisor Stan Kern at 7:30 PM with pledge of allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence. Present at the meeting were Councilman Kern, Councilman Smith and Councilman Queipo. Councilman Gaddy came in late. Supervisor Weiss was absent. There were also ten town residents present. 

Councilman Smith made the motion and Councilman Queipo seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the May Town Board and May Work Shop meetings. There were four aye votes. 

Deputy Supervisor Stan Kern read the Supervisor's monthly report. 

Town Clerk Laura L. Joy read the Town Clerk's monthly report. 

Motion to pay the General Fund Bills #180 through #211 for a total of $3,120.53 was made by Councilman Queipo and seconded by Councilman Gaddy. There were four aye votes. 

Motion to pay the Highway Bills #212 through #218 for a total of $2,920.48 was made by Councilman Gaddy and seconded by Councilman Queipo. There were four aye votes. 

Communications: none 


Councilman Gaddy reported that he received no answer from the RRA regarding coming to one of our meetings. Councilman Gaddy stated that Peter Brink from the Mountain Bike Association will contact Wayne Platte, Highway Superintendent. Councilman Gaddy stated that he contacted the Town of Ulster Supervisor Fred Wadnola regarding the zip code problem. 

Councilman Queipo read a letter from John Konior, Planning Board Chairman regarding the zoning law changes. Councilman Queipo reported a meeting between the Planning Board, ZBA, Building Inspector and the Town Board is scheduled for June 18th at 7:30 PM. Councilman Queipo read the building inspector's monthly report. 

Councilman Smith reported that the news letter will be going out and if anyone had anything included in the newsletter to submit it to him by June 9th. Councilman Smith stated that he will be contacting Wes Cross again regarding the salt shed. 

Councilman Kern reported that the sweeping of the town roads are finished. 

Councilman Kern reported for Supervisor Weiss the following dates to remember: June 26th is the start of the softball on Thursday nights, July 8th Summer Program for the kids of the town, and July 11th Parade with the Fire Company in the City of Kingston. 

Councilman Kern stated that Mary Jo Whiltshire from the City of Kingston will come out to inspect the playground for us at no cost to us. 


Councilman Kern read a resolution regarding the zip code issue. Motion was made by Councilman Kern and seconded by Councilman Smith to approve the resolution. There were four aye votes. 

Councilman Queipo made the motion and Councilman Smith seconded the motion to accept the new zoning laws as written. There were four aye votes. 


Councilman Gaddy reported that Debbie Sylvester complained that a tree was demolished by a car and the sheriff's department was not very helpful in the incident. She requested that the Town Board talk to the Sheriff's Department regarding this matter. 

Town Clerk/Tax Collector Laura L. Joy reported that she has collected over $1,000.00 in penalties on the taxes. She also reported that she posted various rabies clinics in the surrounding areas. She also reported that her hours are changed as of June 1st to Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10AM to 12 Noon and Wednesday evenings 5:30 PM to 730 PM. 

Councilman Kern stated that the Town Board decided at the May Workshop Meeting to close the Recycling Shed as of July 1st due to the problems the town has had with it. 


Anneliese Mossl questioned the recycling problems she has had where the RRA has put her recycling and garbage in the same truck. Councilman Gaddy stated that he has tried to get someone from the RRA to come to one of our meetings regarding recycling. No one has returned his calls. 

Discussion followed regarding the closing of the recycling shed. There was a suggestion for the Town Board to have the recycling shed open one day a week. Councilman Smith made the motion to have the recycling shed open one day a week. Discussion followed. Motion was rescinded. Councilman Gaddy made a motion postponing the closing of the recycling shed until August 1st. Councilman Smith seconded the motion. There were four aye votes.

Joe Zehnick asked the town board if the meeting on June 18th was open to the public. The answer was yes that all meetings are open to the public. 

Motion to adjourn at 8:08 PM was made by Councilman Smith and seconded by Councilman Gaddy. All were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Laura L. Joy, Town Clerk 

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