September 4, 2003 

The regular town board meeting of the Town of Kingston was held this evening. The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Supervisor Weiss with the pledge to the flag and a moment of silence. 

Present at the meeting were Supervisor Weiss, Councilman Kern and Councilman Smith. Councilman Queipo was absent due to working and Councilman Gaddy was absent due to family sickness. There were eleven residents also present at the meeting. 

Councilman Kern made the motion and Councilman Smith seconded the motion to approved the August town board and the August work shop meeting minutes as written. 

All were in favor. 

Supervisor Weiss read the supervisor's report for the month of August. 

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy read the town clerk's report for the month of August.

Supervisor Weiss made the motion and Councilman Kern seconded the motion to transfer the following: from A230.5 Supervisor Investment into A200 Cash $50,000.00 and transfer from A230.3 Town Buildings into A1355.11 Data Collection $5,780.00. There were three aye votes. 

Councilman Smith made the motion and Councilman Kern seconded the motion to pay the following bills: General: Claim #301 thru #339 for a total of $9,470.88 and Highway: Claim #340 thru #351 for a total of $1,570.02. There were three aye votes. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the Woodstock Tattoo Festival is being held from 11:30 AM this Friday through Sunday. Discussion followed regarding the festival. 

Councilman Kern deferred to Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte. Wayne reported that the highway crew would like to finish paving Hill Road as soon as the CHIPS money comes in. Wayne reported on the drainage and tree problems due to the recent storms. The Highway crew is clearing all the town roads with removing the trees, etc. 

Highway Superintendent Wayne Platte reported that we need to purchase six new tires for the Ford. Councilman Kern made the motion and Councilman Smith seconded the motion to purchase the six new tires spending upto $1,200.00. There were three aye votes. 

Supervisor Weiss asked if we were going to pick up the leafs again this year. Wayne stated that the highway crew will pick up the leaves sometime in October. 

Ray Galvin thanked the highway crew for fixing the end of his driveway when they paved. He has been waiting for the driveway to fixed since the previous highway superintendent was in office. Wayne stated that he would pass the word on to Alfie and Bill. 

Councilman Smith reported that the light for the flag has been replaced. Councilman Smith will be fixing Wayne's computer in the near future. 

Supervisor Weiss read Karl Schuerzinger's monthly report for August. 

Supervisor Weiss reported for Councilman Queipo regarding Karl's request regarding the Fire Code of New York State. 


Supervisor Weiss read Resolution #19 Zoning Ordinance. Supervisor Weiss made the motion for Resolution #19 and Councilman Kern seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Roll Call vote was as follows: Supervisor Weiss _ Yes, Councilman Smith _ Yes, Councilman Kern _ Yes, Councilman Queipo _ absent, Councilman Gaddy _ absent. 

There were three aye votes. 

Anneliese Mossl asked what changes were made to the zoning. Supervisor Weiss gave a brief explanation of the changes. 

Supervisor Weiss reported starting with the election in November, the highway superintendent position is for a four year term. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that the town received reimbursement for the Christmas storm and the Washington's Birthday storm. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that he has contacted the DEC regarding the salt shed and has not received any response from them as of September 4th. 

Supervisor Weiss reported that he is still having problems on what to do with the wood structure on the playground. The pine tree and root has been taken down. He has prices for new swings. We are having problems finding someone to take down the other tree that is near the wires. We are still trying to get someone to do the job. 

Councilman Kern questioned the fee schedule. Supervisor Weiss will check with Peter Graham regarding the fee schedule whether it should be a resolution or local law. 


Ray Galvin questioned the town regarding the summer program. Ray asked if the town used the fire house at all. We did to fill the water jugs. Ray stated that the back door of the fire house was blocked open. It was not shut on occasion. Supervisor Weiss stated that he would talk the Youth Director. 

Joe Zehnick questioned the WDST tower on Hill Road. It has not been used in the last several years. He was wondering if it would be taken down when the new zoning laws are in effect. He also suggested that we should have a free family day at the ski center and possibly have a winter family day. 

The question arose regarding if there was a state law regarding trash being put out by the curb way a head of time, property not being kept up, etc. Discussion followed. Supervisor Weiss will check into it. 

Ivan Rion asked if something could be done with the garage at the end of Morey Hill. There are a bunch of junk cars, etc. Wayne Platte and Ivan Rion both stated that there were five mattresses dumped at the turnaround on Morey Hill. Ivan Rion also reported that there is a traffic hazard at the end of Morey Hill and Rt. 28. The visibility is blocked at times by a tractor trailer parked on the shoulder of the road making deliveries. The visibility is also blocked at times by the signs at that intersection when there are parked cars and trucks there. The town will being checking into the problems. 

Supervisor Weiss will check with Councilman Queipo regarding the speeders on Sawkill Road. 

Wayne Platte asked if the spring clean up was finished since there are several places in town that the junk has not been picked up. There are lawn mowers on Hallihan's Hill Road and wood on Clearhorn Road. Joe Zehnick stated that there are several appliances on Hill Road. Wayne Platte stated that there are tires accumulating along the road throughout the town. 

Supervisor Weiss stated that there will be budget meetings starting the last Wednesday in September and for the five Wednesdays in October. The meetings will be held at 7 PM and the meetings are open to the public.

Town Clerk, Laura L. Joy reported that her office will be closed from September 7th through September 17th due to vacation. Her recent appointed deputy decided that she did not want the job. If anyone knows of someone interested please have them contact the town. 

Councilman Smith made the motion and Councilman Kern seconded the motion to adjourn at 8:35 PM. All were in favor. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Laura L. Joy, Town Clerk

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